April 1, 2012
Maple Leafs

For the first time in 6 years, the Toronto Maple Leafs have made the Stanley Cup Playoffs!!!


December 9, 2011
caps game day

Of course you didn’t think I’d blow off an opportunity to blow off work, right?  It is once again a Capitals game day, in which the surprisingly bad Caps face off against the surprisingly good Leafs.  When I say bad, I mean “not in a playoff spot” and “how is Florida second place in the conference”.  The Caps did win on Wednesday, breaking through for 5 goals, including 2 within 15 seconds.  Fo’ real, partying like its 2010.  Saw lots of motion, with the top line of Ovechkin-Backstrom-Semin looking really, really strong.  If the Senators netminder Craig Anderson hadn’t been so strong on the many early scoring chances in the crease, the game could have been very lopsided.  About tonight’s game: the last time the two teams met the Caps were flattened, rolled up, and tossed aside in a 7-1 shellacking.  The team will be looking to avenge that loss, as well as win consecutive games for just the third time since starting the season 7-0.  Expect a high scoring game, and pray the Caps can score on the power play.  Face off is 7:00 PM in DC.

Note: Picture is from NHL ‘94 by EA sports 

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