January 27, 2013
caps game day

I’m baaaaaaa-aaack.  The Caps are looking for their first win this afternoon against Buffalo.  Washington is bad hasn’t looked quite right this season, with players thinking through the game rather than skating.  Everyone’s learning a new system, and some growing pains are expected.  A shortened training camp was not helpful, but the Caps need to start winning, not start making excuses.  A 4 game losing streak this year is more like a 7 game skid in a full season, so not good.  A quick note: I couldn’t actually watch the last game (L-Devils), but we I’m going to believe that taking a team into overtime was a good sign.  Baby steps.

What I’d like to see:

More top line production:  Backstrom has 2 assists, Ovechkin has one.  The only young gun (still in DC) with a goal is Mike Green.  Our leading scorer is Joel Ward.  That’s great for him, but not what you want to see.

Ovechkin level somebody: does this need explaining?

A win, dammit.

What I don’t want to see:

An early deficit; score early, score often.  Get the fans back into it.

A deflated fan base: give the players some energy, As Thom Loverro (@thomloverro) put it: “Did I wander into a #Wizards game? It’s like a mausoleum in Verizon Center..”   Adherance to WIDWTS #1 would help a lot with this.

Another loss, dammit.

Go Caps!

September 28, 2012
The NHL lockout sucks

Right about now I should be looking forward to hockey, but its hard when there’s a lockout in the air.  And folks, it doesn’t look like its going anywhere soon.  But, for the first time in decades, there is SOMETHING ELSE EXCITING IN DC SPORTS!  
Brace yourself - Brace Yourself Playoffs are coming 

The once woeful Nationals are going to the playoffs!  I want to get back to posting on a semi-regular basis, and a lot of it will probably have to do with baseball.  I haven’t really tumblrd during baseball season, but I love the game, and I’ve been following the Nats all year.  I’ll have some opinions to throw around. 

Some other topics might be fantasy football (FU AARON RODGERS), college football, school, and the usual complement of reblogs and personal posts.  And oh yeah, THIS GUY:
The Original Photos:

It’s so nice having multiple relevant franchises.  It’s been a while tumblr, but it’s good to be back.

April 16, 2012
caps game day

Let’s do this, ladies and gents.  After two nail biters in Beantown, the Capitals return from Boston with a tied series, some defensive momentum, and a confident goalie.  

Let’s start with the defense.  Each game has been close and tightly played, and it seems to be working in the Capitals advantage.  Game 1 was lost on an odd man rush, something the Caps had held in check the first 61 minutes.  They won Game 2 by playing even better defense, eventually putting a second goal home after some great cycle work.  The Capitals seem determined to hold the league’s second-best offense in check, and unlike the team who lost so many lopsided affairs in the regular season, they are.  This may be the best post-season hockey played by a Washington squad since Ovechkin came to town.  The goals will come when the top line isn’t facing Zdeno Chara, possibly the best defenseman in the league, and one who directly counters Ovechkin’s signature moves with his exceptionally long reach.  For now, I love the effort he (and all his teammates watching the C on his sweater) are putting out.  Ovechkin is reveling in the contact, seeking out Chara and his linemate Seidenberg for collisions akin to train wrecks.  I’m not worried about the offense at all, they’re playing the right way and will eventually be rewarded.  If you expected Tim Thomas to turn into a sieve, I’m sorry.  

Pittsburgh can keep their 4-goals-and-a-loss games to themselves, I’d much rather see the Caps play buttoned up and win.  It’s still a long way to go before we can look ahead, but for now lets enjoy a team that looks like it has finally learned how to play playoff hockey.

Some other quick notes:

  • would love to see Joel Ward earn some of that money we’re paying him
  • Braden Holtby is turning in yet another great performance by a Capitals   untested young goalie
  • great to see Backstrom score
  • if you’re reading this and going to the game, you could do worse than RMNB’s signs and masks for some Tim Thomas mockery.  In case you’ve forgotten, Tim Thomas snubbed a certain resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  Regardless of your political leanings, this could make for a hilarious crowd picture.  And if it bother Free Citizen Timmy, well, that offense could turn around faster than expected.

As always, 
Rock the Red and UNLEASH THE FURY!!!

From the Washington Post, courtesy of The Washington Capitals 

April 5, 2012
caps game day



Get well soon Neuvy, hope Holtby can hold down the fort while you’re out.  Nice call by Laich before the game, its PLAYOFF TIME!!!  Or, it will be soon.  Lets go Caroline, whip up on Florida Saturday while we take care of business against the Rangers.


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April 1, 2012
Maple Leafs

For the first time in 6 years, the Toronto Maple Leafs have made the Stanley Cup Playoffs!!!


April 1, 2012
caps post game

Don’t scare me like that, dammit!  Shootouts take years off my life, especially when we stumble ass-backwards into them (thanks for all the bailouts Neuvy).  At least Buffalo lost the border war with Toronto, so now the Caps are now alone in 8th place.  They close to within 2 points of Ottawa (7th) and Florida (3rd by virtue of the Southeast Division throne), although both those squads have a game in hand on the boys from DC.  If we make the playoffs, I will dye my hair red change my theme to the one found on the great tumblr http://capsfaninpenguinland.tumblr.com/.  Maybe one day…


March 31, 2012
saturday tumblr procrastination post/ caps game day

There are three games I’ll be paying attention to today: both Final 4 matchups and the Capitals game against Montreal.  I’m rooting for Louisville against Kentucky, because underdog.  In the other national semi, I’m pulling for Ohio St. because my Grandfather went there.  

And now the Caps.  It’s been a while since I wrote about them, but they’ve been depressing me.  Ovechkin was getting hot, Holtby was looking good, and they were coming back home to face Buffalo in the biggest game of the year.  I had big hopes for them, but as been the case all too often this season, they dropped the ball puck.  After   pulling out a shootout win over Boston, the Caps were given a new lease on their playoff life last night as Florida and Buffalo failed to gain any points.  If the Capitals can get a full 4 points over two teams near the basement of the Eastern Conference in the next couple games, it will go a long way in keeping them on the ice well into April.  Oh, and Nick Backstrom is back on the ice tonight. 

It’s time to put together a winning streak.  It’s time play hard all 60 minutes.  It’s time to get to the playoffs.  It’s time to rock the red. 


February 4, 2012
caps game ongoing

On a Dennis Wideman slapshot, the Caps are up 1-nil on the Canadiens.  After losing to Florida on Wednesday, the Capitals are currently sitting outside of the playoff picture.  This is Ovechkin’s first game back after his suspension, so far he has done… nothing, according to the box score.  Keep at it, boys.

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January 24, 2012
hats off for matty

Hat trick by Mathieu Perreault in a 5-3 win over the defending champion Bruins.  I’ve always liked Perreault, but maybe not as much as this guy.  Nice to see him explode on the scoring sheet.  It’s pretty well documented at this point that you need depth down the middle to win big in the NHL.  Having Backstrom, Laich, Johansson, and Perreault as very competent centers is huge.

January 17, 2012
caps game day

Quick post before I go to my first class of the semester.  After an awful trip to California, the Caps have performed well back home.  They look to sweep the 4 game homestand tonight against the Islanders.  If they can get 2 points tonight and the Florida Panthers don’t play or lose, Washington will be back atop the Southeast division.  The puck drops at 7.

On another note, Mike Green will undergo abdominal surgery to hopefully fix his most recent groin muscle injury, and is expected to miss 4-6 weeks.  Hopefully he can come back 100% and STAY THERE.  Otherwise the front office may have no choice but to find a more reliable defenseman once Green becomes a free agent in the Summer.

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